Noodle & Rice Bowls


Noodle Bowls

Tofu 6.95
 | Chicken 7.5 | 
Beef 7.95 | Shrimp 7.95 | All 8.95

Egg Noodle

LoMein style stir-fried with carrots, bean sprouts, scallions and onions

Udon Noodle

Thick rice noodle stir-fried with zucchinis, bean sprouts, scallions and onions


Japanese pan-fried noodles stir-fried with zucchinis, bean sprouts, scallions and onions

Angel Hair Singaporean Style

Stir-fried carrots, bean sprouts, scallion and onions in Curry flavor 

*Spicy Noodle Soup with Shrimp 9.95




Rice Bowls

Tofu 6.95
| Chicken 7.5 |
Beef 7.95 | Shrimp 7.95 | All 8.95

Creamy Fried Rice

Risotto style with Asian twist. Cooked with masago, broth and creamy sauce with your choice of meats

Fried Rice

With scallions and eggs

*Kim Chi Fried Rice**

Popular restaurant or home prepared dish in Korean culture. Choice of meats and sauteed together along with the other vegetables

** Kim Chi is the one of numerous traditional Korean pickled dishes, made of vegetables with varied spicy seasonings.


There will be an upcharge for additional rice, sauce or any subsitution

Menu prices subject to change without notice



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